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Our Training Supports:

  1. Development Activities
    • Logo Certification
    • Refactoring For Windows 7 or Vista
    • Auditing Applications Against Microsoft Application Development Guidelines
    • Diagnosing Problems On Production Customer Systems
    • Agile Development
    • Source Code Debugging
    • Foundation for Windbg
  2. System Engineering Activities
    • Patch Management and Problem Response
    • Production Problem Diagnosis
    • Application Shimming
    • Server Design and Migration
    • Desktop Design and Migration
    • Server Virtualization
    • Desktop Virtualization
    • Service Pack Compatibility Testing
  3. Software Testing Activities
    • Testing Windows 7 or Vista
    • Using Virtual Machine Templates
    • Comparitive Testing To Discover Problem Sources
    • Recording Test Results and Audit Trails
    • Applying Debugging Principles
  4. Package Engineering Activities
    • Migration to Windows 7
    • Migration to Server 2008
    • Application Shimming Projects
    • Application Virtualization Projects
    • Application Compatibilty Toolkit
    • Windows Installer Packaging
    • Repackaging Software
    • Supporting Legacy Software
    • Application Streaming
  5. Administrator Activities
    • Software Testing
    • System Engineering
    • Package Engineeering
    • Support Activities
  6. Support Activities
    • Troubleshooting On Customer Machines
    • Writing Bug Reports
    • Collecting Diagnosis Information
    • Tracking Problem Determination Data
    • Applying Troubleshooting Principles


  1. What is Post-Compile?
    Many learning aids for application debugging, troubleshooting and diagnostics assume that you are the one who designed the software you are analyzing. Typically...
  2. Built-in API Hooking
    Since Windows 2000 hooking APIs have been integrated right into the operating system. This has led to a new generation of powerful diagnostic tools. Sysinternals...
  3. Outsourcing Application Compatibility
    Outsourcing application compatibility to a service company is an option that many large companies consider due to the skills and challenges...
  4. Moving to Non-Admin UsersSome organizations are using the upgrade to Windows 7 as a time to reevaluate whether they can finally take admin rights away from users. Under Windows XP...
  5. Windows Integrated Application Compatibility Layer
    Application Compatibility puts some hardcore power in the hands of IT Pros - it is rich in mitigation functionality and it is...
  6. Our perspectives items are aimed at technical professionals as well as their managers and team leads.  They are intended to communicate the foundational nature of the knowledge and...