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Training Updates and Additions
Written by Darwin Sanoy   
Tuesday, February 8, 2011 11:48am

We have made some changes to Windows 7 App-V Sequencing Engineer so that it covers more bases and so that you can purchase just what you need.

Windows 7 App-V Sequencing Engineer (ENG-70) [5 Days] $1995 or less...
Apps on Win 7 [2 Days] App-V Sequencing [2 Days] AdminStudio Seq. [1 Day]

This course has been restructured to give a dedicated day to the AdminStudio App-V Assistant.  This day builds on the concepts and practices taught in CSI-470 App-V Sequencing.  Those who are not experienced at Sequencing with the Microsoft App-V Sequencer will need to take CSI-470 App-V Sequencing to understand the complete picture and the comparative references made during the AdminStudio App-V Assistant day.

Anyone who has taken our CSI-470 App-V Sequencing can attend the SP1 update class for free.  This class will be offered after Microsoft releases the SP1 Update sometime in the first half of 2011.

The pricing for the class is also more granular, allowing you to purchase less than the full week.

Complete track (5 Days)   $1995 USD
Track Early Bird (5 Days) - first 3 registrants.   $1895 USD
CSI-470 App-V Seq. Stand Alone (Days 3-4)   $1295 USD
CSI-470 App-V Seq. + CSI-471 AdminStudio Seq. (Days 3-5) $1590 USD
5% Off for three or more seats registered at one time

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