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Written by Darwin Sanoy   
Saturday, October 8, 2011 10:45am

Although there have been rumblings for quite some time, the beloved Wise Package Studio is bowing out with a tip of the hat to Installsheild.  I still remember conversations with the folks at wise when they were first hatching the idea to create an administrator's tool...

It was at a conference that was the pre-cursor to the Microsoft Management Summit.  Before they ever considered building a repackaging tool for setup.exes, they were surprised by a ground swell of administrators who were using their developer product to do just that.  Administrators were using the repackaging capabilities of tools like the, then popular, WinInstall to discover what resources were being installed by setup.exe.  They then converted these requirements to Wise Script (WSE) because it could compile to EXEs that had no runtime dependencies.  (It's a little uncanny that WinInstall also met it's final fate of irrelevance by also being indirectly acquired by Symantec.)

I've always felt that this phenomenon occured due to the exceptional usability of Wise Script.  I'm glad to see that Wise Script appears, for the time being, to be a key retained functionality for the planned merge of Wise Package Studio into AdminStudio.

Wise jumped in and embraced the administrator market full force and had an early vision that the Administrator (IT Pro) packaging market was actually much larger than the developer market.  Several years back I was talking with Jeffery Snover and he clarified that Microsoft finally had some rough numbers around what Wise suspected - there are roughly 10 times as many administrators than the estimated 3 million Microsoft software developers worldwide.

Although I have a lingering fondness for Wise and Wise Script, InstallSheild has been rapidly innovating to meet the demands on administrators with the addition of virtualization formats 64-bit and compatibility checking and they continue to push that envelop.  

This is anything but a passive victory.

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